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FIT generators can check their status using our revenue comparator tool:

Please note: value estimations are indicative and based on simplification of the variables.

This simple spreadsheet has been designed to provide an indicative estimate of value that could be achieved for exported power (and benefits) through the e-POWER auction. By entering details of your current offtake arrangements, a comparison can be made against e-POWER.

The values are estimated using market-based assumptions for wholesale baseload power (the annual April 2018 contract), calculated as 48.81/MWh on 14 March 2018. Estimated values for embedded benefits, including the Triad and balancing benefits where appropriate, have also been included (using National Grid's TNUoS statement and BSUoS forecasts, along with DNO charging statements). Please note estimations of embedded benefits would usually be undertaken on a site-specific basis and therefore estimations presented are purely indicative.

The load factors assumed for the technologies are:

  • AD - 70%
  • Hydro - 40%
  • Solar PV - 11%
  • Wind - 25%

If your project load factors differ from those stated, please consider the implications.

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