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Record number of bids in e-POWER auction

29th January 2019

Beginning on Tuesday 22nd January and lasting for three and half days generators received an average of 30 bids from electricity suppliers seeking to win PPAs; the most competitive number of bids ever in an e-POWER auction.

In total power and ROCs from 52 generators was bid on by ten different electricity suppliers but the level of competition left four of the suppliers empty handed by the end of the auction process with PPAs being awarded to six different suppliers.

Most technologies were represented ; EfW, Biomass , AD, PV, wind, LFG and CHP and the majority of PPAs were for terms beginning on April 1st and running for either six or twelve months. There was an even spread across RO and FIT generators in this auction.

We will be holding two further auctions on Feb 28th and March 21st for generators still requiring a PPA from 1st April (of course other PPA start dates can also be included)