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e-POWER auctions - achieving highest ever recorded value according to Cornwall Insight

28th March 2018

In Cornwall Insight's latest analysis of the e-POWER auctions they reveal that the January 2018 auction saw continued average prices above the 100% post-auction value retention benchmark.

They went onto say that 'The average of 102.1% is the highest observed since Cornwall Insight began assessing the auctions'

Please download the report here.

Since January e-POWER has had two further auctions with the latest on 14th March selling close to 50MW across two large PV and EfW sites. One of the PPAs sold was the first Winter 2018/19 auctioned on e-POWER. Offtaker interest was high with 16 bids being received on that one site alone.

The next e-POWER auction will be on 23rd May